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Spot TV

Integrity 360 Dance Center is excited to offer Spot TV as a way to observe your child in class

from a desktop or mobile device! Spot TV utilizes our closed circuit camera system to

provide a live streaming service that allows parents to login and

view their child taking dance class in real-time!

Some advantages of this capability are:

  • Parents that travel for work during the week can log in and watch their child in dance class

  • A Caregiver or parent who has multiple sibling drop offs can check in on their dancer

  • Families that alternate carpool days can still watch their child from wherever they are

and more!


How does Spot TV work?

Integrity 360 Dance Center uses the enrollment software Jackrabbit Dance. Spot TV has partnered with Jackrabbit Dance and integrates information to make sure you have access to the classes that your child is in. You will need to download the Spot TV app and create a free account in order to sync with your Jackrabbit Dance account. Any changes within your Jackrabbit account, like class changes or additions, will update your access to view classes in the Spot TV app.

How do I Get Started?

1. Download the Spot TV FREE mobile app

(search the app store for Spot TV Family)

2. On the app's home screen, select the button

New here? Sign Up

3. Fill in your information to create your account.

*Our Center Name is Integrity 360 Dance Center

4. The system will prompt you to choose your child's classes. All class titles start with the day and time so that you can find them easier in the drop-down list.

5. Integrity 360 Dance Center management will receive the access request. Once we have verified your information and the child's viewing schedule, we will activate your account and you will receive an email confirmation.

Spot TV on laptop

Now What?

You have THREE ways that you can watch your child during class:

1. Log in to your Parent Portal on Jackrabbit's Website (on laptop, desktop, or phone browser) and click on the Spot TV icon on the top menu bar

2. Log in to Spot TV's website

3. Log in to the Spot TV Family app



*if you have multiple children in classes at the same time or a dance room with multiple cameras to choose from, select which class or camera view from the menu on the left


Spot TV has advanced security software that will detect, and block, attempts of screenshots and screen recordings. If you repeatedly attempt screenshots and screen recordings you will be locked out of your Spot TV account and Integrity 360 Management will have the right to refuse and revoke access. We take our students' and families safety and security very seriously. You can read more about Spot TV's security measures below.

Spot TV on mobile phone

What if I have more questions or need help?

Spot TV has a DEDICATED customer support team for our families!

If you need any assistance
with your viewing experience, please reach out to their
family success team. They are standing by!

Family Support is available M-F, 8AM-5PM CST


You can also reach them via email at

If you need assistance with access to your Jackrabbit account, status of your Jackrabbit or Spot TV account, or how to get Spot TV access for relatives please email the studio at

Other Spot TV information
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