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2022-2023 Schedule

  • The monthly tuition fee listed is for the single class.

  • Tuition is calculated according to the class and not the length of the class.

  • There are multi-class DISCOUNTS for students who enroll in more than 1 class per week.

  • Please see our Pricing and Fees page for those amounts.

  • All class titles include [AGES]

We have ongoing enrollment throughout the season

The season culminates with our Annual Spring Concert in May 2023

You can find our children's dress code HERE


Jumpstart Division

22-34 months 

3 - 4 year olds

5-6 year olds

Elementary & PreProfessional Division

1st - 4th grade

4th - 6th grade

Middle School

***Teen Beg/Int Classes are intended for students age 12 or older that are newer to dance and may not be at the same level as other high school dancers yet. Teen Hip Hop is a mix of levels.***

Upper Middle School and High School

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