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The Integrity 360 Performance Company is our elite performance company for dancers who want to take their training to the next level. Company members perform at competitions, local festivals, community events, and more.

If you couldn't make it to our auditions and you are interested in being considered for company, please email us at OR call us.

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Integrity 360 Dance Center has a performance company for dancers ages 5 and up. The Performance Company learns and practices performance pieces, or routines, that are performed at local festivals, events, and competed at dance competitions. Dancers have the opportunity to take dance classes from internationally recognized educators at local conventions, receive constructive feedback by highly qualified adjudicators, and spend time with their peers creating friendships for life.


Joining our performance company is an investment in your dancer’s future. Regardless of whether they dance after high school, the opportunities, relationships, challenges, experiences, and tools your dancer will gain from being part of our team will serve them for years to come. Our instruction and administrative teams take great responsibility in making sure that we provide a network of love, support, and guidance for your dancers. We are passionate about being positive and encouraging and providing a safe space for your child to thrive in their artistic endeavors as well as their life outside of our walls.


While competitions may provide trophies and shiny prizes, your dancers’ experience with us will create treasured memories that stay with them long after the shine and sparkle of an object is gone. They won’t remember in 20 years what awards they won, BUT they will remember the friends they made and the memories that live on in their hearts.

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