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Integrity 360 Dance Center is the future of arts education in the Southeast. Integrity 360's Owner Heather Moffitt brings experienced educators in many styles of dance under one roof to provide dance training to students in addition to voice and acting lessons. Our instructors are some of the highest caliber artists in the entertainment industry.  Not only will we teach students the skills and athleticism necessary for the performing arts, but we will also help mold and shape them into amazing individuals who positively contribute to the world.


Integrity with Dancer true - transparent
Integrity with Dancer true - transparent


The Integrity 360 Performance Company is our elite performance company for dancers who want to take their training to the next level. Company members perform at competitions, local festivals, community events, and more.

If you are interested in auditioning please send an email with your dancers' name and age and your contact information to

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Integrity with Dancer true - transparent



We produce a production at the end of the season with all Integrity 360 dancers. The show week, including dress rehearsals, will be announced in January 2022 for this season since we opened mid October 2021. Our end of the year show is an exciting and rewarding experience for dancers, and families, to culminate all that they have learned over the course of the season. We encourage all dancers to participate! Annual concert details will be released throughout the year.



Costumes will need to be purchased for your child to participate in the Annual Concert Performance. Prices vary and will be announced for the 2022 performance in January 2022. In future seasons, this information will be published at the start of the season. Costume fees will be auto-drafted using the credit card on file after parents have stated whether their dancer is participating. After this fee is processed, it is not refundable for any reason. Any costume alterations needed will be the responsibility of the parent. If your dancer will not be participating, you are required to notify us by email at no later than February 22nd, 2022. Please do not rely on your dancer to inform us whether they will be performing in the annual show in May 2022.


A show participation fee will be due prior to the Annual Concert. The amount and date for the auto-draft will be announced in January 2022. This fee helps cover the costs associated with venue rental, the production, staff pay during the dress rehearsals and shows, as well as a special gift for the dancer.



Tickets to our annual performance will need to be purchased. Dancers performing in the show do not need a ticket. More information on show tickets, including when they will be available to purchase, will be included in the Annual Gala Concert packet that is released at the beginning of April. 

Performance Company
Integrity with Dancer true - transparent
Integrity with Dancer true - transparent
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