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2023-2024 Adult Class Schedule

  • Adult Class payment is a monthly tuition format.

  • Tuition is calculated by class and not the length of the class. It is also based on a full season price divided into 10 monthly installments.

  • There are multi-class DISCOUNTS for students who enroll for more than 1 class per week.

*Adult Classes are NOT subject to the annual registration fee*

We have ongoing enrollment throughout the season so you can enroll at any time.


Adult classes do not have a specific dress code like our children's classes. You may purchase shoes on our Nimbly website via the link above or on Discount Dance Supply. Ask the front desk if you have questions and if you need guidance on which style of shoes to purchase.


Ballet: Wear form fitting clothing that is comfortable that you can stretch and move in. Please wear ballet shoes. Any style are fine.


Tap: Clothing that you can move in. No long pants so that your ankles and feet can be seen. Any hard-sole tap shoe. No jazz tap shoes please.


Jazz: Form fitting clothing that you can stretch and move in. Please wear jazz shoes. Any style are fine.


Hip Hop: Clothing that you can move in and that is safe, fun, and appropriate. Please no vulgar pictures or language on clothing. Non-scuff sneakers please. We prefer that you wear sneakers that are clean and separate from the ones you wore outside to come into the studio.

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