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2022 - 2023 DRESS CODE


Before your start dance class remember to outfit your dancer according to their class dress code. We sell everything you need for your uniform via the links below.


We are excited to announce that a portion of all dancewear sales will go back to dance educators across North America through the Revolution Studio Essentials Grant Program. Thank you for supporting this studio and the greater dance community.

Our Dress Code Uniform has two options. Option A always has a leotard and tights. Option B does not have a leotard and tights. Any student may wear whichever option they choose, but they must wear all items from that option and cannot mismatch.

To purchase your child's dress code items,

please click on the appropriate link below and find their class on the list.

***We have sizing kits for leotards and shoes at the studio

if your child is new to dance and you are unsure of their size.***

OPTION A: Includes leotard and tights

OPTION B: no leotard



Bottoms options for boys for jazz, tumbling, tap, and hip hop are solid black:



















If the items will not arrive in time for their first class, then they may wear their uniform from last year or leggings and fitted top or boys may wear shorts and a fitted t-shirt. If your dancer has tights and shoes from last year that still fit they may wear those.

Why these items?

1) Apparel is optimal for your dancer (shelf bra built in to the Adult size leotards, supportive tap shoes)

2) Modesty, sensory challenges, and body type in mind for the comfort of your dancer

3) Convenience for parents - order online and have it shipped to your house

4) Inclusivity - this is one of our Core Values. You will notice that we have included an Option A and Option B on our dress code listings for classes. Your child may wear whichever they feel most comfortable in. However, when deciding on an option, all items must be from within that option. For example, you may not choose clothes from Option B and shoes from Option A. This also includes recital costuming.

Black shorts with bike shorts.png
black shorts.png
image (2)_edited_edited.jpg
dancewear that gives back_edited.jpg

All hair must be pulled back away from the face. Buns are required for ballet and pointe classes.


In an effort to keep your dancer safe, they may be asked to sit and observe class if they are not properly dressed for class


Undergarments should not be visible at the bottom of a leotard, and most dancers choose not to wear underwear under their tights and leotards. If you do choose to wear them, please wear a neutral/skin color with a higher cut leg. Adolescent and adult dancers may need additional support in the form of a dance bra, a sports bra, or a for gentlemen a dance belt (like an athletic cup, but without the hard plastic). We’d be happy to connect you with resources about sizing.


Students must enter and exit the building with street shoes and a cover-up over leotards and tights. Dancers MAY NOT wear their uncovered dance uniform or dance shoes when entering/exiting the building. 


Please leave jewelry at home. Necklaces, bracelets, Apple Watches, rings, and dangling earrings are not allowed to be worn during class as a safety measure. Studs in the ears are fine. No Apple Watches are allowed. Please leave those at home as they can be a distraction during class.

Please label your dancers’ shoes, bags, etc. with their name. Personal belongings are to be kept in cubbies provided.

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